Hi my name is Ed! I am a Visual Storyteller

I have a passion to capture the purest of emotions. I don’t just film your wedding day, but I tell a real story about your love through conveying the emotions between the couple. By showing their world, their love in a unique and very customized way. And all of this I do without you even knowing I was there to capture those special moments and the love.


My strongest asset as Wedding Videographers is that I always aim for the perfect synergy between what I film, what has been said and the music. All aspects are equally important to tell your story in the best way possible and for you to look back at your wedding film in 20 years and feel exactly what you felt on your wedding day. Therefore every wedding I create is different and unique.

Life is a journey and one of the biggest milestones in life is getting married. A day filled with emotions and I am there to capture those.


Latest Testimonials

Eduardo and his team did a really great job with our wedding video. I was very impressed with the final product and they were great to work with on the wedding day. Thank you for such wonderful work! I truly appreciate it!

Cathrine & John

Latest Testimonials

Eduardo was absolutely amazing throughout our wedding experience. My husband and I felt comfortable being ourselves with him through the process and his workmanship is outstanding! Everyone that has seen our film has cried! There is so much emotion and he picks the moments that are so meaningful. The editing and quality of the film are remarkable- people say it looks like a feature film. He is so personable and down to earth; it was a pure pleasure to have had him for our special day. By the end, he became more than a vendor; he became a friend. I would recommend Eduardo to anyone that needs a videographer.

Maria & Brandon

Latest Testimonials

My husband and I were having a difficult time finding a videographer since I could not find any that had the professional quality I was looking for, and I was SO happy when we found True Vine and saw their highlight films. The quality is absolutely amazing, our video came out better than I could imagine. Eduardo is so easy to work with and even traveled to Greensboro, NC for our wedding. He made us feel very comfortable, as my husband and I felt a bit awkward at first. We were not going to have a videographer at first, but it was the BEST decision we made to go with True Vine Films! The highlight film captured our entire day so perfectly and really takes you back to that moment, much better than photos can. Thank you again for your amazing work! We can't wait to see our full videos of the service and reception! :)

Anastasia & Austin

Latest Testimonials

My experience with True Vines Films cannot be beaten. This team was able to come through for my husband and me at the last minute and pulled off the same day edit that was more than anything I've ever expected. This team was great to work with and provided a level of professionalism that cannot be matched! They work with you to capture the right moments and take the time to understand your traditions. The same day edit that was done for my wedding was THE showstopper of the wedding. I cannot thank this team enough for an amazing experience. My husband and I find ourselves watching the video on a weekly basis and have heard of many family and friends sharing it with coworkers and their friends and continue to rave about it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to see if we are available or have any questions?

Contact Us: hello@truevinefilms.com

What is your approach to filming a wedding?

For me, it’s really important to capture the story of a wedding, the atmosphere, the laughter, the tears as they happen on a day. I try not to interfere with the day itself because I love for it to unfold the way it would without us there. However, there is one exception to that and that’s during the shoot. As with photography for our videographers, the shoot is also important and we will also give you directions on what to do.

I always film with 2 people, this creates more dynamic, but also makes sure we can capture what we want to capture and minimizing obstructions to miss our shots.

What will be the length of the wedding film in the end?

I am not bound to the length I have mentioned in my packages, these only gives a basic indication. If the film required to be shorter or longer to tell a better story I will do so. I want to tell the whole story in the most engaging way.

How will you present yourself on the day?

We as a team will present ourselves in an appropriate manner for a wedding, well dressed, but still with the flexibility and comfortability to shoot the best way possible.

Do you guys also join for dinner?

Obviously we don’t have to sit at the head table, but without food, we can’t perform. The best timing for us to eat is when you (the couple) also eat. Because most of the time that’s when nothing is happening and we don’t miss anything and continue with loads of energy right after. This is important to discuss with the caterer beforehand.