Welcome To True Vine Films


        My name is Eduardo Gomez, husband, father, cinematographer and founder of True Vine Wedding Films! My wife Megan and I operate our studio out of Lynchburg, VA and have served clients all throughout the east coast and have traveled as far as California. We thank God for the success of the company, and we are grateful to all who have inquired about our work. We look forward to getting to know you and serving you on such an important day!

Our Mission

        Here at True Vine Films We endeavor to create a story of your beautiful day through the magic of motion picture film! We have taken techniques from commercial and feature film production and have adapted them into crafting timeless wedding pieces.

       Our Approach

        Our cinematic approach focuses on every aspect of film production including sound, music composition, visual effects, and of course storytelling through cinematography and editing. Our service covers everything from preparation & decorations, vows, speeches, dances, and the final exit! We take special attention to every detail no matter how long or short the day.

       The Team

        Our team is made up of highly gifted individuals who bring their experiences in wedding cinematography to the table. Each individual has been handpicked by founder and lead cinematographer Eduardo Gomez. Wedding films originally started as a hobby for me (Eduardo Gomez), it eventually became a full time career and passion in crafting together a couples special day. We realize that we only get one chance at capturing your special moments so we take great pride in every frame we capture on your special day!

       Why Hire Us?

        There are so many parts that make up “The Big Day.” The dress, the venue, flowers, vows, dances, and so much more! Cinematography is an incredible platform for storytelling and we desire for you to remember that in live motion picture. It’s our job to make sure you remember the story of your day through the sound, the words, and the emotions expressed on that special day.